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As a quartet of four characters, we are trying to find our own means of expression by the use of an unique language on the territory of alternative music.

The band was founded in 2004 by Alek, whose music has already received significant airplay by that time. By the end of the year Yavor joined the band, performing as a musician with a taste for experiments and eclectic styles. Teo, a player with a taste for instrumental music became part of the band in 2007. The latest addition to the squad is Mitko, who completed the lineup in the autumn of 2011.

NEMO has been awarded a Group of the Month by BG Radio, and has also participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and festivals Spirit of Burgas, Seattle Night, Green Rock Fest among others.

The band aims at creating songs that translate their emotions. If music is mostly a background for you, then you might not be Nemo's greatest fan, but if you open up and LISTEN, we are happy to invite you aboard.