On demand review!

Here is a new idea from us.
We will do polls - what shout be the next review, that we will shoot.
There are some options and those who get the most votes will be filmed and uploaded. 

Just vote for the gear you want!
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Vote for guitar

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2017 Gold Top - 3 votes
Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top Pro - 0 votes
Godin ICON Type 2 Convertible - 0 votes
Michael Kelly Patriot Decree - 0 votes

Vote for amp

Marshall JVM410H Tube Head - 2 votes
Crate V18-112 Tube Combo - 1 votes
PRS SE 30 Tube Combo - 0 votes
Ibanez TSA30 Tubescreamer - 0 votes

Vote for microphone

Shure sm 57 - 0 votes
Sennheiser 421N - 1 votes
Oktava MK-012 - 1 votes