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Band info

Soulcore is a band formed in 2013, in Burgas city. Even in the beginning the members are working over their own projects only, which they present on concerts starting in 2014.
Mainly Soulcore are “New Metal” band, but as its herd in theirs songs they are influenced by many new modern metal styles. 
The lyrics of the songs concerns different topics who affect many of us like globalization, industrialization, different conspiracy theories, that make their marks in the reality… Other songs are for love and human relationships, interpreted from different points of view…
Since the beginning until now the band aims to popularize its author’s music...

The band members are: 
Ivan Petkov-Vocal;
Petar Keremidchiev-Guitar;
Dimitar Nenkov-Guitar;
Momchil Grozev-Bass Guitar;
Miroslav Stoyanov-Drums